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The best advertising we have is what our customers say about our mattresses. These are real testimonials from real people who use our Air Dream sleeper sofa mattresses.  If you would like to add your testimonial, please contact us. We’d love to hear from you!

David G., NY

Just had my in-laws over for the first time and they loved the Air Dream Mattress. They said it was the best sofa mattress they ever slept on.

They’re happy, my wife’s happy…so I’m happy!

Michelle M., PA

We purchased the mattress for our guest room and have  been very pleased at the results. As comfortable as our everyday mattress. We highly recommend this bed!

Nancy Y., CA

Fast shipping, great company. The mattress is in our RV and makes out trips so much better!

Tammy R., CA

This has been a great addition to our spare room hide-a-bed couch. This mattress is strong, comfortable and sleeping 2 in this bed is as comfortable as a single person in this bed.

Delivery was efficient and arrived earlier than expected. Overall, we highly recommend this company and these mattresses! One of my family members is purchasing the queen for their motor home, several friends have purchased for their hide-a-bed couches. We ordered and received ours 1 year ago and it still looks & feels like new!

Jo L., NJ

I love my new mattress!! It is extremely comfortable, inflates and deflates very fast. I ordered on a Saturday and the mattress was delivered on Wednesday. Communication was quick also with a confirmation of order. Questions were answered promptly; overall a very pleasant on-line purchase experience. I recommend this mattress to anyone who has spent a night on a sleeper sofa; you will be amazed at the comfort. Thanks again!

Brenda W., AZ

I received my airdream mattress within a week of ordering no problems. I did have a guest visiting shortly after receiving the mattress and her comments were, “It was heavenly and slept all night”. My son had slept on the old mattress and said airdream was a Rolls Royce compared to the old mattress. He put it in place and inflated it no problems.

Susan W., NY

Recently, I purchased a queen size replacement mattress for a fourteen year old sofa bed. The mattress was shipped to my son’s New York apartment just in time for the delivery of his furniture. We tried the mattress on the sofa and it fits perfectly. At the end of the day, when it was time to go to bed, I opened the sofa, blew up the air mattress and made the bed. I had the most wonderful night’s sleep – better than in my own bed! This mattress is absolutely fabulous and I would recommend it to anyone!

Sandy C., FL

This is one case where the old adage, “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually isn’t” is just not applicable. Friends of ours were so impressed that we figured, “what the heck, might as well try this.” Not only are we so happy we did, so are the several other friends we told about it who subsequently purchased one.

Steven G., TX

I for one am very happy with both the product and the turnaround time from order to delivery. Very impressive.

Mary K., TX

I was not only relieved but surprised how quickly the mattress arrived just before the Christmas holidays. I am impressed with the quality and detail of construction. It is a “breeze” to inflate and quickly deflates for putting away. After my daughter and family left for home, my son who had been sleeping on the Air Dream was given the opportunity of moving to their vacated room and bed. He spent one night on the other bed and decided he preferred the couch with the Air Dream mattress. With an expanding family, I am pleased that I now have comfortable sleeping accommodations for all. I am extremely happy with the purchase.

Bob and Pam G., MN

We ordered your Air Dream mattress and received it through UPS much more quickly than we anticipated. We read through the straightforward and simple instructions, removed our old hide-a-bed mattress, and had the new Air Dream mattress set up in minutes. Now I like the Air Dream mattress on our hide-a-bed better than our regular bed! No more bars or springs coming through to give you a backache. Some friends we knew got one for their hide-a-bed about a year or so ago, and we’re sorry we waited so long to get ours.

India S., CA

We purchased a new motor home that included an Air Dream mattress. We had not used it until our son came along on one trip. Usually he took his own trailer because the typical fold out mattress is so awful to sleep on. To our surprise and delight he woke up the first morning raving about the comfort of the mattress.

I immediately went on the internet and searched for Air Dream. To my delight I found the web page. I have now replaced 3 fold out sofa bed mattresses in our vacation home with Air Dream mattresses. My most recent order was to replace the mattress at my In-Law’s house so when we stay there I do not end up with the usual “bar in the back†syndrome.

This is a great product. I have had several guests order them on line for their sofa sleepers.

Laura S., NJ

My Air Dream sofa mattress is everything that I could want. It is so much more comfortable than a regular sofa bed, and more comfortable that just a standard air mattress alone. It is definitely something that can be sleeped on every night in comfort. Customer service was very helpful when ordering. And my air bed arrived much sooner than I expected. It has been a great experience and I would definitely recommend Air Dream.

Charlie B., AZ

We have enjoyed several nights on our new mattress & found it very comfortable. We also appreciated the prompt delivery.

Tim B., MD

I am amazed at the comfort the “Air Dream Mattress” provides!! There’s no comparison with other sleep sofa mattress’s, and I just had lower back disk compression surgery, and your “Air Dream Mattress” has given me so much more comfort than I thought I would need. Your product is the best hands down. I am extremely satisfied, and any future orders I need to place will be with your company. Thank you for your prompt service, and thank you for your outstanding product!.

Jim K., NY

Excellent. We are very happy with the Air Dream Mattress.

Maureen and Jim M., MD

We could not be more pleased with the ease of ordering. The Customer Service Rep (Amy) was most friendly and she had excellent product knowledge, along with offering outstanding advice. The mattress was shipped and received within the week. The installation instructions were a breeze to follow. Thanks to all the employees and a special thanks to Amy for making it so easy.

Nilsa S., NC

We received our new air dream sleeper mattress and are totally thrilled with it. We are new residents to North Carolina, so needless to say, we have had lots of family and friends come down for a visit. Everyone has been very pleased with our new bed. They all state how comfortable and easily manageable it is. They all have a good night’s sleep.

We will be purchasing another mattress in the near future for our other sleeper sofa.

Again, thank you for such a wonderful product.

Al and Carolyn R., MI

We received our Air Dream mattress in record time!! Thanks so much for the speedy service. We have it on our sofa bed in our RV and will try it out tomorrow night for sleeping. We did, however, inflate and deflate the mattress and everything seems to work great! We are impressed with the service and looking forward to trying out the mattress! Sincerely, Al & Carolyn Rupke

Dile B., AL

Our Air Dream mattress is everything that was advertised. We put it on the sofa at the lake house and now everyone is fighting over who will get to sleep on the sofa bed. We love it and the bonus was that it was the best buy on the internet.

Dave H., IL

We have received our no mattress and installed in motorhome sleeper sofa. Only took short nap to test, it is great,best I have rest ever had in motorhome. I am going to recommend it to everyone on RV net that’s looking for a reasonable and super comfortable replacement. You may post this message anytime.

Chaya F., IL

Thanks for your follow up. The mattress was delivered very promptly, and the ordering process went without a hitch.

I love my sleeper sofa pattern, and so was reluctant to replace the whole sofa. However, when my best friend arrived from New York and stayed with us, and later informed me that she had placed the mattress on the floor to get a better night’s sleep, I felt terrible and immediately began investigating a replacement mattress. That is how I came upon your web site. Unfortunately it was too late for that friend’s 40 winks, but another friend just happened to drop in for one night and reported that the mattress is now “100 times better†than the old one. I will now not have any hesitation inviting others to stay.

Marilyn M., TX

Memorial weekend I had guests for the holiday, and the ones who got the sleeper sofa were not happy about it, having slept on it on other occasions. They didn’t know I had just purchased the airdream. After sleeping on it this time, they informed me that this was to be their bed during visits from now on. I was tempted to make them sleep in my room so I could try it. They told me it was more comfortable than their bed at home, and are going to purchase one for their sleeper sofa.

Press and Donna F. Family, GA

The mattress is amazing. I slept like a baby.

John F., Jr.
Age 14

I love the mattress, it is amazing! It’s the greatest mattress I have ever slept on. I didn’t wake up once. I could sleep on it all day! Have you tried it? If you haven’t you should because it’s the most comfortable bed in the world!! I love it!

Lauren F.
Age 10-1/2

Press & Donna F.

I originally purchased two air dream mattresses for our 5th wheel RV to replace the hide-a-bed mattresses. My Mother-in-Law liked it so much that I gave her one for her sleeper sofa at home and then purchased another one for the RV. As you can tell by the comments from our children, your Air Dream mattresses are a big hit. I saved our original mattresses so we can take our Air Dream mattresses with us when we upgrade to another RV in the future. Thanks for a great product.

Jim B., CA

Whoever came up with the idea is a genius. I love my mattress and have no more back pain and sleep soundly through the night. I dont wake up 2 or 3 times a night. Thanks for a great product and most of all thanks to my wife Lauri who found the mattress for me.

Margaret N., WA

I am VERY pleased with the Air Dream Sleeper mattress.  It was so easy to set up and use, and for the very first time, I was able to allow my guests to sleep on my sofabed without having to add an air mattress on top of the original sofabed mattress.  The Air Dream Sleeper mattress got rave reviews from my guests.  Thanks for improving the experience for my guests!

Bernedine M., MN

My guest said it was very comfortable. And I thought it was easy to set up. Now I can have someone sleep on my sofa bed with confidence. Thanks for a great product.

Denise L., MT

When I replaced my 50 year old 4″ thick sofa bed mattress, it was heaven to sleep on the new Air Dream one night.  No need for the sofa bed bar shield.  I am tempted to use it instead of my bedroom mattress.  However, my guests will have the benefit of the new Air Dream.  Some are already planning to visit and looking forward to resting well on it.  And, I have recommended it to some where I visit and sleep on their uncomfortable mattresses.

Debbie B., TX

This mattress is wonderful !  We actually have purchased (2), one for our travel trailer that we travel in and one for a travel trailer we have on a lake lot. What a difference in sleeping! We highly recommend this mattress to all our camping friends and now they are enjoying a good nights sleep too.

You have a great Customer Service department, very professional,friendly and knowledgable.

Mona S., CA

I could not be more pleased with the ease of ordering, the helpful advice and instructions when ordering, the packaging, and the mattress quality itself.  THANK YOU!!!!

Jeff W., CA

I just setup my new Airdream sofa sleeper mattress in my motorhome and it far exceeded my expectations.  I read a lot of positive comments on the mattress, but was still a little hesitant spending $279 on a “sofa mattress”.  Once I set it up and layed down on it I knew immediately it was money well spent.  No more cross bar in the middle of your back or getting poked by metal springs.  The mattress inflates/deflates in less than a minute.  I am no longer hesitant to invite friends or family to go on trips with us since they will now have a comfortable bed to sleep on.  Thank you very much for making such a high quality product.

Sheri F., WI

I received the mattress in three days. It was very easy to assemble. My parents used it over the weekend and loved it. It deflated fast and fit perfectly into the sofa. Great product! I should have got one a long time ago.

Robert W., AZ

I am writing to tell you how happy we are about receiving our new Air Dream Mattress for our RV, our Bengal cat even likes the Air Dream Mattress so it must be great as he is very fussy.

My wife slept on the Air Dream and said she “Loves it”. It was one of my many loud snore nights but now she doesn’t mind as it is so comfortable.

Thanks! Thanks! Thanks! for being so wonderful on the phone and sending us the best product we have purchased in a very long time. If all companies were as capable as yours we would all be better off.

We have already started showing off our Air Dream to several of our friends.

Thanks Amy we received the product in 5 days. Best of all Made in America .

Russell M., NJ

We purchased the air dream sofa mattress, so that when our daughter comes and stays for the weekend. She happened to stay over this weekend and said that new mattress was a 200% improvement over the standard sofa mattress and enjoyed a good nights sleep. If anyone I know has a sleeper sofa, I would highly recommend this mattress. Thank You for a superior product.

Audrey H., IA

When the kids come to visit,, the sleeper sofa is their only choice.  They all complained about visiting because of their “bed”. We ordered the Air Dream mattress hoping if it provided comfort and a good night’s sleep, the kids would come to visit more.  We might regret the purchase, they love it!!  Now, they just might visit too much!!    I tell everyone I know.  Thank you for a wonderful product!!

Mary T., FL

Thanks you. The New Air Dream Sleeper Sofa Mattress is everything that it is billed to be and then some. Very convient, comfortable and  afforable. It feels so good.

Lisa M, NC

My mother-in-law had purchased a new sleeper sofa with an air mattress system. My husband and I have enjoyed several nights of restful sleep on her mattress, when we visit. So, when the time came for us to change our spare bedroom into a semi-bonus room for our 2 teenages, but still have a bed for guests, we immediately thought of the air mattress system.  We have an existing pull out sofa sleeper, but with a horrible mattress. We would never have guests if we asked them to sleep on that. I did some research on the internet and came upon your website. It was very informative, ie measuring exactly for your existing mattress. So I placed my order on Friday and rec’d your email confirmation immediately. My order shipped the following Monday and arrived on Wednesday.  My father-in-law arrived and slept on the new Air Dream for 2 nights. He LOVED IT. Was very impressed.  Needless to say, my husband and the kids have all tried it out and rave about it. Aside it being comfortable, very user friendly to assemble, blow up and take down, it gives us the extra room we need without an entire bed in the room all the time.  We are thrilled and the price was right too.

Thank you Air Dream for solving our space problem but keeping our guests returning!

Kay S., FL

My guests loved the mattress. They  said they had a beautiful nights rest. It was very comfortable. much to their surprise.

Cassandra W., LA

We recently purchased a camper that came with a sofa sleeper along with the standard 5 inch thick foam mattress.  This was very uncomfortable because there was no support and you could feel the bar underneath.  We had to pad it with another foam cover and a feather pillowtop over that.  However, the Air Dream Sleeper Sofa Mattress is awesome.  It is just like having a real mattress to sleep on.  It is VERY comfortable and very much NOT like sleeping on a sofa sleeper.  My guests love it.  Thank you for this great product.  Cassandra Williams

Anne B., FL

I received the Air Dream Sleeper Sofa Mattress this week much sooner than I expected. We have not actually slept on the mattress yet but did blow it up and layed down on it and it felt great. Must say it is better than the terrible 4″ mattress that came on our RV pull out couch. The other positive aspect that I have already realized is that my couch actually sits better as the mattress gives more support even when the couch is folded up. I am sure that our company will rest better now and we will not have to drag the blow up air mattress out from under the RV as much now.

Tom R. , FL

The mattress on our reasonably new sofa bed was so uncomfortable that none of our guests would use it.  They preferred a couch, the floor or any alternative to the sofa bed.  Searching the Internet for a replacement mattress we came across the Dream Sleeper.  We called and the company gave us all the information we wanted.  Ordering was easy and pleasant.  The product arrived very quickly – 2 or 3 days – with free shipping.  The price was very reasonable.  Unpacking and “assembly”  only took about 15 minutes.  We tried the mattress and it was very comfortable – as advertised.  The company, the product, the service and the people all earned a 5 star  (*****) rating!

Fredrick S., FL

I can’t believe how fast the air dream mattress was sent and how easy I installed it on my sofa bed.  Being 87 yrs. old I wonder whether I would be able to do it myself.  Instructions easily showed the way.  Now when my children and friends come to visit I have a comfortable bed to offer them.  The sofa bed spring was awful and I was ashamed. I thank you.

Dennis G., CA

Just a quick note to tell you the air dream mattress is a joy to sleep on. It sure makes a sleeper sofa something to look forward to a good nights sleep.  Very easy and quick to inflate and deflate.

Al C., Canada

After having a bad back for the past 50 years and knowing that nothing could help me I seen a Air Dream mattress. I decided to give it a try although I didn’t think it would help. WELL now I am a believer, my back although not cured feels 100 percent better and I can finely sleep. The best decision I have made in a long while.

Cinde C., NY

Just to let you know how wonderful this mattress is.  Set up was a dream and for the first time in months, I finally had the best night sleep ever.  I was amazed how comfortable this mattress is.  Even more so than a conventional one.  Thank You so much for a wonderful product and great service.

Donald S., AZ

I purchased an Air Dream Mattress a short time ago and wanted to tell you that we are very happy with it.  We had company and they used it for the first time.  They loved it. They said it was the best sleeping mattress  on a sofa sleeper that they ever had.  I am a full time “Sno-bird”.  That means that I live 6 months in Wisconsin and 6 months in Arizona .  We escape the cold by coming to Arizona .  I am an Author and Publisher and have written Cookbooks for the Green Bay Packer fans for the past 8 years.  (Even though I sold the company, you can still see the books on www.tailgatencookbook.com   At the present time I am writing a book about Sno-birds and how to become one.  I have been at this project for 2 years and am about to finish.  Most Sno-birds live in some sort of RV or Park Models.  All of these units have a sofa sleeper for a second bed and everyone hates to have company sleep on them.  That is why finding the Air Dream mattress was such a great find.  As soon as we get back up in Wisconsin I will order another Air Dream Mattress for our sofa sleeper up there.  We hed north around the 15th of April.  Thanks again for your great product and service.  You will hear from me again.

Tom R., FL

We received the mattress in a very short period of time.  It was easy to open and to assemble. It fit perfectly and was easy to inflate. The mattress cover is also very nice. It has been used twice and it is quite comfortable.

Carol V., FL

This was a pleasant experience, everything was handled so professionally.  I would order again with no hesitation.  We ordered a sleeper sofa from our local furniture store and it came in without the air mattress after waiting 8 weeks, after waiting another 4 weeks I called them and then was told it would take another 2-3 weeks.  I cancelled it and went online and it was the same air mattress (even better) the cost was $1 more and shipping was included, I ordered the mattress from Air Dream on a Friday afternoon and it was delivered to us on the next Wednesday.  We were so surprised as you can imagine.  Thank you Air Dream.

Susan B., GA

Dear Air Dream, We are very happy with our new mattress, and your group was a pleasure to work with.  We received the mattress in record time!  It was very easy to put together, and although it hasn’t been slept on for an entire night, it seems SO much more comfortable than the sleeper sofa mattress it’s replacing!  We highly recommend your product!

Lonecia C., WA

I’ve had my queen size Air Dream sofa mattress for a few weeks now and I am finally getting a good night sleep.  I live in a studio and do not have room for a regular bed. The regular mattress on my very nice and expensive sleeper sofa left me un-rested and in pain.

I had liked sleeping on regular air mattresses but they were too similar to water beds that bounce you around.  The high quality sturdy external mattress material is the same as found on regular mattresses so my sheets don’t slide around and I don’t feel like I am going to bounce off onto the floor.  The mattress inflates and deflates super quick.  This mattress is worth every penny it costs.

I am in sleep heaven!

Karen M., AL

Hi Amy, We indeed receive our mattress today and have already replaced the once that was on our pull out couch in the RV.  What a big difference on how comfortable and easy this is to inflate and deflate to put back up.

Thanks for being great customer service rep and following up with tracking numbers and all. –

Jim C., RI

Everything arrived in good condition a day early. The mattress is working out fine.

Not bad for an order I placed from a cell phone in traffic!

Happy New Year.

Becky O., NM

We got the pump for the airdream mattress one day after we ordered it!  Your service is great!  Thank you so much!

Tom P., NY

I just wanted to thank you for walking me through the process of purchasing my Air Dream Mattress.  I absolutely think it’s a brilliant invention.  I use it for my second residence in NYC. It is incredibly comfortable and feels like a real mattress!  It is extremely easy to set up.  I am very thankful that I have solved my bedding needs in NYC…Thank you again….

Vicki G., FL

We are very pleased with our new mattress.  We purchased your Queen XL to replace our inferior mattress in our recreational vehicle.  It is the perfect size.  When camping my husband and I would wake up every morning with a sore back.  No longer with the new “air” mattress.  So comfortable.  No more waking with back pain.  While it is the same size, it actually felt roomier because we weren’t rolling to the center.  That is absolutely the best mattress for RV’s.  Perfect size, easy to set up, and lightweight.  The price is right compared to other air beds.

Another happy customer.

Greta B., VA

I just wanted to let you know that we got the mattress Tuesday and I was able to set it up by myself (short arms and all) last night. It’s quite comfortable and my husband, who always feels the “back bar” on a sleeper sofa immediately, thinks so too. It’s so nice to finally have a space-saving and comfortable second bed in our small house! Thanks for the great service and great product.

Thank you.

Kathryn S., NY

The mattress arrived last night — before we even had a chance to turn around, much less check the tracking information. We assembled it right away, and decided to sleep on it to see if it really was all that comfortable.

And it was. All that comfortable! I am just delighted with it, and know our guests will be too. Also, a furniture salesman friend told us he couldn’t even begin to come near the price, not with his employee discount or anything. When we went to see him at La-z-boy, we told him about your website. He looked at it on his computer, and said to us, “Go for it!”

I am so glad we did “go for it!” It is certainly worth every penny.

Many thanks,

P.S. Glad to ad my testimonial to all the others!

Carol R.

I received the air mattress a few weeks ago, sorry I have not had time to let you know what we think of it until now.

We absolutely love it, it’s the best investment we have made and we have more room for visitors to sleep now. Before no one wanted to sleep on this sofa bed, now they will probably fight over it.
Thank you very much for your services in getting this to us.
I would recommend this air mattress to everyone.

Cynthia B., VA

Thank you so much!

My order arrived the day before needed and a day before it was expected. My parents slept two nights on our new mattress. They were well rested and ready to enjoy their grandchildren and great-grandchild. More than worth the money and really less than a conventional mattress at our local store.

Karen G., NY

I just got my new Air Dream mattress last night and am already recommending it to my friends and family. I didn’t toss or turn once. No morning back or neck aches. I feel WONDERFUL! What a great product.

Steve K., IL

Second Time Customer
Upon questioning our guests after using our hide-a-bed, we realized something had to be done.  Clearly the original mattress was not promoting a good night’s sleep.  We tried an inflatable mattress but then they were sleeping on the floor and the floor space became limited because of the couch.  Discovering the Air Dream was the solution.  Everyone who has tried it said that it was great.  We just purchased another one for our other hide-a-bed to ensure that all of our guests will enjoy their sleep.  Thanks for a wonderful product.

Ann J., CO

To the People at Air Dream,

I’m sorry to have been so remiss, but the Air Dream mattress we bought just finally got used by a houseguest, and it worked great and our houseguest was completely comfortable.  It’s a great product.  Thank you so much.  it arrived quickly and in fine shape.  It makes all of the difference to the comfort level of our sleepover guests.

Dennis D., NY

I received the Air Dream as promised and it was a snap to put together and inflate. I slept on it for the first time last night and it was as comfortable, if not more so, than my regular mattress.  Now my out-of-town guests have no excuse to leave early! Thanks again for all your help.

Christine R., NY

As a New Yorker in a small apartment, the Air Dream Mattress saved my life!  I couldn’t sleep on the regular mattress that comes in most sofabeds…in fact, I was in pain.  With the Air Dream mattress, I feel like I am sleeping in a regular bed, even better!  The customer service rep was extremely helpful and and speedy delivery was great.  I’ve recommended it to all my friends.  Thanks for your great product and great service!

Jamie C., CA

Just had to write and let you know how much I love my bed. I will be letting all my friends know how great it is. Thanks for such a good product!!

Sharon G., NY

My mattress arrived yesterday. I slept on it last night, and it was HEAVEN!!

Margo C., MA

I just purchased my last mattress!!  Being a side sleeper I like a firm mattress.  Over the years I have had a succession of very expensive too hard mattresses and as a result always awoke with sore hips, shoulders and back.

Then I ordered an Air Dream  mattress for my new sofa bed.  What a difference this has made.  I now sleep comfortably through the night and get up feeling well rested.  No more sore hips. This bed is so comfortable I can now even sleep on my back.

The set up and deflation are effortless.  In just minutes I am ready for a good night’s sleep.  The inflation takes less time than fluffing my pillows and the deflation in the morning takes less time than pouring a cup of coffee.

When I have overnight guests they get “the other bed†because I now sleep exclusively on my Air Dream mattress.

Craig K., TX

There is only one way this retired body would ever sleep on a sofa bed again, and that is on an Air Dream. Too many bad experiences over the years feeling the bar in my back told me never again. Then my wife found you in a store and took me to try it out. The most normal feeling mattress ever. A great addition to our house in the hobby room for extra guests.

Doug R., IL

I recently purchased a queen sleeper sofa mattress.  I was a little worried that it would not fit in the sleeper sofa once deflated and if it would be a quality product, but I was pleasantly surprised on both counts.   It was very easy to set up, deflate, and it fit like a dream in the sofa.   Placing the order was quick and pleasant.  I was also impressed with how quick I got the mattress, especially since shipping was free.

This is an excellent product, and I will tell all my friends!

Bryne F., LA

Writing to you to say the mattress was great. I slept a full 8 hours without moving or changing positions during the night.

Sarah G., NC

My husband and I recently visited my parents for the holidays and were very pleasantly greeted by a wonderful night’s sleep.  On a previous trip, we slept on their pullout sofa and both woke with backaches.  After trying out the sofa himself, my father purchased one of your Air Dream sleeper sofa mattresses. It was better than our mattress at home.  Congratulations on creating such a great product and for providing such great service to my father!

James O., CT

I am so impressed with my new Air Dream mattress!  It is even more comfortable than my previous regular mattress.  It’s very easy to set up and to take down, and sheets fit properly on it as well.  It was delivered to my doorstep only a few days after I placed the order.  You have a great product!  Thanks so much!

Sue Y., AZ

My aunt and uncle recently stayed in our home for two weeks.  During their stay with us they spent every night on our new Air Dream mattress.  I asked them several times how the mattress felt and if they were sleeping well.  Every time their answer was, “The mattress is great.  We’ve never slept on a better sofa bed!”  I’m am so happy we chose your product for our guests to sleep on.