Valve Replacement Instructions 

Open deflation valve by lifting up on valve tab (Step 1).

Remove the old valve by pushing (the images show a quarter being used) the black plastic on the outer edge ring of the valve toward the center (Step 2). Once enough of the outer edge ring is pushed in there should be enough clearance to lift the old valve off over the outer edge ring (Step 3). Now you are ready to install the replacement valve.

To install your new valve, first open the replacement. Once open, seat the hinge area on to the hinge support, then feed the outer edge ring through the opening of the new valve (this may require pushing the black plastic on the outer edge ring towards the center of the mattress opening like before) until the new valve is completely locked in by the outer edge ring. Once this has been accomplished make sure there are no bulges by using your thumb to make sure that it is smooth. Next, lock your replacement shut and you should be back in business.

ULTRA Motor Replacement Instructions

Download the PFD manual of the ULTRA Replacement Motor. This manual contains the instructions you will need to replace the ULTRA Motor.